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How to Register

1.    What does Tuition-free mean? 

DECAMP provides students with the opportunity of receiving ECTS credits from their home university if they have successfully completed the chosen DECAMP ICT online course – completely tuition free. We do not charge you as our DECAMP students who come from our 5 international partner universities, neither for the online courses nor for the course materials. These online classes, co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union, allow us to teach you at your home university, which cuts your costs as an EU student.

Our tuition-free model offers you a choice of online Bachelor and Master courses all tuition free and easily accessible.

For more information please visit the ERASMUS+ official programme guideline here.

2.    What are the application requirements? 

You must be an EU student from our 5 partner universities:

  1. Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany,
  2. Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland
  3. University of Padua, Italy
  4. Universidad of Cantabria, Spain
  5. University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania

For further details, please check each online course offered. You can  register only there and only if you fulfill the course requirements.

3.    How long is a course term? 

We have prepared an Academic Calendar for you for each course. This calendar gives you specific details and also the holiday breaks of the academic staff. This is different in each EU country.

4.    What are the Rules and Regulations for the Exams? 


  1. All DECAMP students will do their examinations under the same exam conditions and subject to the same rules and regulations.
  2. Students will do their exams on the respective official DECAMP examination day and within the official period of time (duration) set by DECAMP for the respective examination. BEWARE of the difference advised in time zones!
  3. The exams are face-to-face-proctoring exams.
  4. They will take place at your home university.
  5. Your course instructor will inform you of the dates, times, and the duration of your exams.
  6. Then please contact your home university DECAMP coordinator*. She/he will let you know the exam location and your local “Trusted Professor” (TF”).
  7. Your DECAMP instructor will coordinate everything with the TF of your home university.
  8. The TFs will conduct the examinations based on the questions received from the DECAMP course instructors.
  9. After your exam, the TF will scan your exam sheets and send them for evaluation to the respective DECAMP instructor.
  10. The instructor will
  • correct the exam papers,
  • evaluate your performance based on a percentage figure (out of 100),
  • issue a certificate on a template, and
  • send this certificate, signed and stamped (by post) to the TFs.
  1. Your local TF will scale the percentage results on the local grade scale of your home university and enter it into your application.
  2. You can then apply to your local department administration for accreditation of your exam performance (grade and number of ECTS).
*Your local Coordinator:
  • Finland: kimmo.sauren(at)metropolia.fi
  • Germany: Alexandru.Soceanu(at)hm.edu
  • Italy: Laurenti(at)dei.unipd.it
  • Romania: Florica.Moldoveanu (at)cs.pub.ro
  • Spain: Alberto.Garcia(at)unican.es