Tervetuloa, Willkommen, Benvenuto, Bine ați venit, Bienvenido and Welcome to DECAMP, the Open to Distributed to European Virtual to CAMPus. to DECAMP courses are focused on ICT Security and created especially for you by five EU partner universities from Finland, Germany, Italy, Romania and Spain.

Breaking news almost every day with shocking headlines about the launching of increasingly sophisticated and ongoing cyber attacks.

ICT security has become a cause for deep concern for government agencies, companies and individuals all over the world. A McAfee study estimates that the damage done on a global scale by cybercrime amounts to EUR 750 billion a year (!). With an increasingly complex and networked infrastructure, the difficulty of achieving secure networks is growing exponentially. Consequently, the demand for skilled network security professionals is set to accelerate dramatically. DECAMP caters effectively to this trend.
And you can be part of it!

Our Core Message to you:

  • As a DECAMP student you can stay at your home university while studying ICT security abroad. That’s what we call “Green Mobility”!

Here are some more DECAMP advantages for you:

  • You can choose from the ICT security courses which your home university does not offer.The DECAMP partner Universities complement each other’s course offerings for your benefit (check our “ICT security courses”).
  • These courses provide you with in-depth knowledge based on lab experience.
  • As an open platform, DECAMP presents a range of special features, e.g. novel, practically oriented blended learning online courses for transnational learning.

One of DECAMP’s most prominent features:

  • innovative hands-on remote virtual labs containing virtual machines and real equipment.

DECAMP’s unique feature:

  • Virtual labs enable you to gain hands-on experience of simulated security attacks. Scenarios of this kind cannot normally be practised in your real network environments because of the risk to local networks.
  • DECAMP’s virtual labs are also open to Bachelor/Master final projects and R&D.

And this is not all:
As a DECAMP student, you will be working with real Case Studies directly from our Associated Partners, Siemens AG, Germany and Infoworld s.r.l., Romania:

What about earning credits?

  • Yes, you will earn six credit points per course!
    Each DECAMP partner University will fully recognize the ECTS credits for the DECAMP courses. All you need to do is fulfil all the course requirements and pass the exams! (For more info see “ICT security courses”.)

Tuition fees?

And DECAMP works in an international climate:

It maximizes the positive social impact of intercultural interaction between you, your EU fellow students, your EU professors and your EU tutors.

Here is how it works:

Thorsten is an IT Bachelor student from MUAS in Germany. One of his interests: Applied Web Application Security: Attacks and Defense
But MUAS does not offer this field of study. He then discovers that one of MUAS’s international strategic partners, MET in Finland does.
He did not even have to go there. DECAMP offers this course online. All he had to do is check out the prerequisites. He met them all and