We come from specially selected computer science faculties from five different EU countries. All of us have industry expertise and work closely with a number of international companies. All of us have also taught in various European countries and some of us also overseas.

Before DECAMP, some of us cooperated in other smaller projects funded by the EU, e.g. several ERASMUS Intensive Programmes.

We have now joined forces and created a strong strategic international partnership for your benefit: A “green mobility” model for an Open Technology Online Campus with online courses focused on ICT security for ECTS credits.

Professor Dr.- Ing. Alexandru Soceanu

Munich University of Applied Sciences
Dept. of Computer Science and Mathematics, Munich, Germany
Research interests: Network Security, Network Management

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  • Soceanu[at]cs[dot]hm[dot]edu

Professor dr. ing. Alexandru Gradinaru

University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania
Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Research interests: Cyber Security, e-Health, Computer Graphics, Game development

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  • Alexandru[dot]Gradinaru[at]cs[dot]pub[dot]ro

Dr. Alberto Eloy García Gutiérrez

Professor in the Telematic Engineering Group
University of Cantabria, Spain
Research interests: Energy Efficiency and Applied Security

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  • alberto[dot]garcia[at]unican[dot]es

Kimmo Sauren

Senior Lecturer, Department of Information Technology
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland
Research interests: Web Application security, Embedded systems

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  • kimmo[dot]sauren[at]metropolia[dot]fi

Nicola Laurenti

Associate Professor, University of Padua
Department of Information Engineering
School of Engineering, Padua, Italy
Research interests: Wireless & Unconditional Security, Quantum Cryptography

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  • nil[at]dei[dot]unipd[dot]it